15Five was launched 4 years ago to help Managers become more effective in supporting their employees and leading their company to greatness. By asking a specific questions each week to your team, 15Five ensures employees direct their attention to the things that matter. I've been working with 15Five for over two years and have run a number of successful projects in that time.

The 15Five Story

15Five was created from founder, David Hassell’s, desire to help people reach their fullest potential at work. I started working with 15Five in 2014 when they tasked my consulting company with identifying issues with the onboarding process and creating solutions to increase conversions.

Since then, I worked closely with them on a number or design-led projects before transitioning into a full time UX Lead / Product Manager in September 2015.

As a small company, one of our truest core values is to always be learning and growing. Each project had their highs and lows whilst making a positive impact on our process and ensure we make the right changes going forward.

Launching 15Five Plus

In Sept 2015 we took the decision to step away from a more simple, single tiered monthly pricing model to allow us to focus on enterprise-level product features. Launching in Sprint 2016 we introduced the Basic, Plus and Pro plans and rolled out quantitive data analysis - the first major Plus and Pro feature for larger teams. This project was a huge learning opportunity for me and you can read all about it here.

Detailed case study coming soon.

15Five on iOS

The team knew that the produce needed a robust mobile solution so to get an MVP out into the marketplace quickly, we contracted an outside team to effectively mirror the functionality and look-and-feel of the web app. Unsurprisingly, this soft launch highlighted huge flaws in this approach so together with Digital Telepathy, I re-architected and designed the iOS app for the a more robust launch with our customer base.

More about the process we went through coming soon.

Remote Product Management

Remote Product Management isn't for the faint-hearted. Organisation and the right tools and processes are key to success. Read all about how I organise my time, my team and figure out what's next for 15Five.

Detailed case study coming soon